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A Good Hunch

Every night, Tina and Harvey visit each other's dreams and make their way to their special place high up in the clouds.

Guide these two colorful goats' ascent through the summer sky and explore 20 dreamscapes full of moving platforms, teleports and daisy petals! Play Harvey until he reaches a level's exit, then jump back in time and switch to Tina, while Harvey's actions are simultaneously replayed. Cooperation and careful timing are the key to mastering the game's many puzzles - as Tina needs to jump on his back to reach high locations, always make sure Harvey is at the right place at the right time!

How to play:

  • Use LEFT, RIGHT to move Tina or Harvey.
  • Press SPACE to jump
  • Click or to replay one or both of your goats' turns if you think you got stuck.

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