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Our games

Sweet and strong, thick and savory, or sour with a hint of bitter - you bring your taste-buds and we'll show you our favorite treats. Grab a pillow and help yourself to our online games, with compliments from the Chef!

  • perspective puzzle-action

    Put your spatial perception into perspective with this 3d puzzle game. Rotate a cloud of pixels to assemble as many images as you can before time runs out.

  • driftsbubble-popper

    Dusk has fallen and the lake is quiet, except for the bubbles drifting gently in the breeze. Pick up more than two green bubbles, then touch a blue one and turn them into points. The more green bubbles you carry, the more points you'll get. Just make sure you don't bump into any Purples!

  • astro-aerobatics

    “One more minute, ma!” – Put on your jetpack and help Ground Control celebrate 2011!

  • Mechanical bull

    Ever wanted to ride a spandex-colored sub-space highway while a robot voice tells you you're a precious snowflake?

  • soilbox game

    A little flowerbed for the gardener in you. Or the geneticist. Or both.

  • ScenicJoyride

    Take a leisure trip through eight colorful landscapes, but try not to forget there's still a race going on!

  • Time-travelling platform puzzler

    Guide two very unusual goats through charming platform action with a healthy dose of puzzle fun.

  • puzzle

    Roundabout riddles for circumspect thinkers!